Obsidian - The Online Gaming Manager

Obsidian is a browser-based management system for modern game rooms. Designed to make managing your game room and its inventory easier and more efficient, Obsidian provides a friendly and intuitive user interface that allows anyone to start using the software immediately.

Time saving practices, combined with Obsidian’s dynamic Live Inventory Display, this system is the perfect way to give your game room patrons an instant and accurate display of available gaming items, and modernize your game room.

Digital Display

No more updating the display board by hand. Obsidian's Live Inventory Display allows everyone to see your entire inventory, that's always up-to-date, on a large digital screen.

Save Time

Obsidian takes care of all the tedious work for you. No more counting users, tracking games, filing papers, or writing names. Game room attendants simply check-in/out a game, and the system takes care of the rest, leaving more time to interact with guests.

Track Data

All usage data is available to download and manipulate however you choose. Generate reports, create graphs, track down lost equipment; the possibilities are endless.

Cloud Based

Everything in your inventory is saved to the cloud, allowing access to Obsidian from any computer with an internet connection. You'll always have the most recent changes to the system, as soon as you log in.

Product Features
Customized Branding
Adjustable Inventory
Unlimited User Accounts
Unlimited Account Configurations
Downloadable Tracking Data
Digital Display
Cloud Based Design
Mobile App
Free Updates
Online Help and Support Documents
System Requirements
  • 1080p External Display (for Live Display)
Quick Links
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